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Health and nutrition

Salt is an essential element in all cooking. It can be used to give food a salty taste, as a flavor enhancer or plays a technical role (product conservation, water retention...).

Coarse sea salt, fine sea salt... each has its own use. Adding salt to food is an important part of everyday cooking. In fact, each type of salt has its own function :

Fine salt (for a diffused and diluted salt flavor):
is the salt you find in all kitchens.
it is the one you use on a daily basis when adding salt to your normal dishes.
Coarse salt (for a specific and biting salt flavour):
Due to the size of its crystals. It is used
rather to give a crunchy feel to your dishes and is very
useful for adding to water you are going to use for cooking.
Kosher Sea Salt :
uses in all recipes which call for Kosher salt as well as salt crusts.