La Baleine ~ History
birth of the
salins group

The Salins Group was established in the south of France in 1856 at Aigues-Mortes. It is one of the main european salt producers and the only international company entirely devoted to salt. la Baleine is an iconic and emblematic brand of this company which offers a sea salt of pure quality.

At the begining of its creation, "A La Baleine" was the name of the brand. In 1955, "A La Baleine" takes advantage of its packs to highlight its origine.

"A La Baleine" brand became "La Baleine".
The logo is reduced and becomes less and less like the initial representation. In fact, during these years, it was more important to highlight the name of the product rather than the core brand.

With a strong brand identity,
realistic traits, closer to the original logo.

More than 25 years old, La Baleine crossed the Atlantic ocean and is now widely available in the US, offering you a pure sea salt quality !